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CGRI Photo Gallery

  • Stbd Bow Primed
    Stbd Bow Primed
  • Stbd Quarter Primed
    Stbd Quarter Primed
  • Port Bow Primed
    Port Bow Primed
  • Pilothouse Painted
    Pilothouse Painted
  • Pilothouse Door Painted
    Pilothouse Door Painted
  • Aft Deck Storage Painted
    Aft Deck Storage Painted
  • Aft Deck Painted
    Aft Deck Painted
  • Abaft the Pilothouse
    Abaft the Pilothouse
  • How tall is Jan?
    How tall is Jan?
  • Pilothouse Windows
    Pilothouse Windows
  • Aft Deck Box
    Aft Deck Box
  • Hatch Covers
    Hatch Covers

CGRI Videos

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